Imperatorial, Julius Caesar. Illyrian mint, possibly Apollonia, 48 BC

Imperatorial, Julius Caesar. Illyrian mint, possibly Apollonia, 48 BC


AR Denarius, 4.00g (18mm, 7h). Head of Clementia (?) right / Trophy with Gallic arms; below, CAESAR.

Pedigree: From the E. E. Clain-Stefanelli Collection, NAC 92 (Part 1), Zürich 2016, lot 381

References:  Bab. 26; BMC 3955; Crawf. 452/2; Sear 11; Syd. 1009

Grade: Some deeper scratches on flan in front of face, otherwise, nice iridescence and wonderfully struck. Reverse is slightly off-center. EF (rr1058)

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This coin memorializes the triumph of Julius Caesar’s army over the Gauls. The area of Gaul, mostly modern day France and Belgium, were under the control of various Gaulish tribes. One theory as to why the conflicts occurred were that the Gauls were overtaking more and more of the area slowly infringing on the borders of the Roman territory. The other theory is that Caesar, who was proconsul at the time, had accumulated tremendous debt and meant to plunder some of the area to alleviate his financial burden. Whatever the reason the war with the Gauls were Caesar’s biggest military victory and helped to pave the way for his rise in power. One of the more memorable figures from the Gallic Wars was Vercingetorix, the king and chieftain of the Avernii tribe, who has been portrayed in films and TV in popular culture.