M. Serveili M.F.. Rome, c. 136 BC

M. Serveili M.F.. Rome, c. 136 BC


AR Denarius, 4.15g (20mm, 7h). Helmeted head of Roma r., wearing necklace of pendants; behind, wreath and star; below, ROMA; border of dots / Dioscuri riding apart, with spears reversed; in exergue, C.SERVEILI.M.F.; border of dots

Pedigree: Ex John Barton collection, purchased c. 1980

References: Crawford 239/1; Sydenham 525

Grade: Slightly off-center on obverse with lovely iridescent cabinet toning. Extremely sharp strike, particularly on the reverse. Lustrous surfaces. EF+ (rr1081)

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Not much is known about this moneyer, although this is nothing really out of the ordinary. Collectors of Republican coins collect them for a variety of reasons but one compelling draw is the artistry of the coins. The departure of truly creative, beautiful types found in the Greek era to somewhat unvaried styles found on coins of the Roman Empire is not suggestive of Republican coinage. The transition from relatively anonymous moneyers to the coins struck by known emperors who used them for self promotion is stark. The imagery on Republican coins mirrors their Greek predecessors more so than their Roman imperial successors.