P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus. Rome, 100 BC

P. Cornelius Lentulus Marcellinus. Rome, 100 BC


AR Denarius, 3.91g (17mm, 11h). Bust of Hercules seen from behind, with head turned to right and club over left shoulder; shield in left field, control mark to left, PE SC below / Roma standing facing, holding spear in right hand and wearing helmet with triple crest; to right, male figure crowning her with right hand and holding cornucopiae in left hand; control mark to left, LENT•MAR•F in exergue.

Pedigree: Ex Cahn 43, 1970, lot 93. Ex Cahn, 17 July 1933, lot 1123. From the Haeberlin Collection

References: Crawford 329, 1c; Sydenham 605a (rr1078)

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The obverse of this coin shows a special version of Hercules known as Hercules Respiciens the specific type of hero worshipped by the Sabine people of the Claudii. The Sabines were an Italic tribe in the Apennines of Italy. Also notable is the existence of the PE SC on the exergue of the coin. All coins produced in the Republican period were done under the control of the Senate. Strangely, some issues reflect Senate approval which has not been explained. The PE SC stands for P(ecunia) E(rogata) S(enatus) C(onsulto) or ‘money paid out by decree of the Senate’.

This particular coin was part of the Ernst Justus Haeberlin Collection. A scholar of numismatics as well as a prolific collector who lived 1847-1925. Professionally Haeberlin was a lawyer but privately he loved coins of which his initial start was inheritance from his father. Haeberlin was very well known from the important work he did on Aes Grave. He published his seminal work in 1910.