Q. Cassius Longinus, Rome. c. 55 BC

Q. Cassius Longinus, Rome. c. 55 BC


AR Denarius, 3.45g (7h, 17.5mm). Head of Genius Populi Romani r.; sceptre over shoulder. Rev. Eagle on thunderbolt r.; in l. field, lituus and on r., jug. Below, Q·CASSIVS.

Pedigree: From the E.E. Clain Stefanelli collection

References:  Crawford 53/2. Sydenham 22

Grade: Lovely detail and iridescence on both sides. Good strike with some minor wear at the high points. A slightly irregular flan which does not impact the coin in any way. EF  (rr1025)

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Q. Cassius Longinus, a cousin or brother (it is uncertain) of Cassius, one of the murderers of Julius Caesar, was installed under Caesar’s rule as governor of Spain in 49 BC. He was allegedly a harsh ruler and heavily involved in a crisis between the Optimates (aristocrats that wanted to limit the power of the Republic to the elite and not the common classes) and the Populares (which favored the cause of the plebeians or common people), of which Julius Caesar was part of.