Roman Republic. Anonymous. Rome, 115/4 BC

Roman Republic. Anonymous. Rome, 115/4 BC


AR Denarius, 3.88g (20mm, 7h). Helmeted head of Roma r. (winged Corinthian helmet) with curl on l. shoulder; below ROMA; behind, X. Border of dots / Roma, wearing Corinthian helmet, seated r., on pile of shields, holding spear in l. hand; at feet, beside shields, she-wolf r., suckling twins on either side.

References: Crawford 287/1. FFC 83 (this coin). BMCRR 562

Grade: Cabinet toning and well struck with minimal wear on the faces. The obverse right side has what appears to be scratches but they are die breaks. Large flan. Nice and complete reverse type. VF+ (rr1143)

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