Roman Republic. L. Papius. Rome, c. 79 BC

Roman Republic. L. Papius. Rome, c. 79 BC


AR Serate Denarius, 3.87g (19mm, 6h). Head of Juno Sospita right; tanner's knife behind / Gryphon prancing right; scraper beneath.

Comes with export license from Italy

References: Crawford 384/1. Sydenham 773. Papia 1

Grade: Nice, sharp example with cabinet toning. EF (rr1092)

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There is very little known about the moneyer L. Papius but we can possibly argue that he was from the town of Lanuvium. Lanuvium is modern day Lanuvio, which is about 19 miles outside of Rome. Lanuvium is famous for being the birthplace of the emperors Antoninus Pius and Commodus. The patron deity of Lanuvium was Juno Sospita, otherwise known as Hera for the Greeks. She was typically shown wearing a goat skin headdress which was a form of protection for the Romans. This can be compared to the aegis of Athena which was considered a form of special protection and mystical in nature.