Roman Republic. MN. Acilius IIIVIR. Rome, 49 BC

Roman Republic. MN. Acilius IIIVIR. Rome, 49 BC


AR Denarius, 3.82g (20mm, 7h). Laureate head of Salus r.; behind, SALVTIS upwards. Border of dots / Valetudo standing l., resting l. arm on column and holding snake in r. hand; on r., MN ACILIVS downwards; on l., III VIR VALEV upwards. Border of dots.

References: Crawford 442/1a var. FFC 96 (this coin). BMCRR 3944

Grade: A superb specimen with a great strike and lovely iridescent toning. Some minor surface irregularities on the obverse. Reverse loses some of the border at 1h. Near Mint State (rr1141)

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Crawford suggests that the moneyer is Mn. Acilius Glabrio, sister’s son to M. Aemilius Scaurus. The reverse type could refer to the fact that the first Greek doctor that came to Rome practiced in compito Acilio (Pliny, NH xxix, 12). Crawford also suggests that it could equally be an allusion to a Caesarian victory.