Roman Republic. MN Aquillia MN.F MN.N. Rome, 71 BC

Roman Republic. MN Aquillia MN.F MN.N. Rome, 71 BC


AR Denarius, 3.17g (20mm, 9h). Helmeted bust of Virtus r., draped; before, VIRTVS upwards; behind, IIIVIR downwards. Border of dots / Warrior, holding shield in l. hand and raising up fallen figure with r. hand; below, SICIL; on r., MN.AQVIL upwards; on l., MN.F.MN.N downwards. Border of dots.

References: Crawford 401/1. FFC 167. BMCRR 3364

Grade: Sharply struck with excellent detail. Cabinet toning. There is a small irregularity a 7h on the edge which is slightly rough. The faces of the figures on the reverse are worn but otherwise great centering and EF (rr1137)

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Crawford suggests that the reverse type of this coin alludes to the kindness bestowed upon Sicily by the moneyers grandfather, Mn. Aquillius, Cos 101, who was responsible for ending the slave war.