Roman Republic. Mn. Fontei. Rome, 108/107 BC

Roman Republic. Mn. Fontei. Rome, 108/107 BC


AR Denarius, 3.97g (19mm, 3h). Jugate, laureate heads of Dioscuri r.; below their chins, 'X'. Border of dots / Ship r., above M FONTE I; below, control-mark; border of dots.

Pedigree: Ex Haeberlin Collection. Cahn, Hess 17 July 1933, lot 673. Ex M&M 12 Nov 1970, lot 286. Ex Galerie des Monnaies. Ex Spink 15 Feb 1977, lot 18. Ex Leo Benz Collection, Lanz, 23 Nov 1998, lot 366

References: Crawford 307/1b. FFC 715 (this coin). BMCRR 1230

Grade: Some roughness in the fields. Lovely cabinet toning and pleasant strike. Nice and complete reverse strike. aEF (rr1132)

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This coin was from the Haeberlin collection. The Ernst J. Haeberlin Collection was one of the premier Republican collections ever to come to the numismatic market. The auction was done by the eminent dealer Herbert Cahn (1915-2002) in 1933 just prior to the Nazi’s rise to power. In fact, Herbert Cahn left Germany that same year and emigrated to Switzerland where he formed the numismatic firm Münzhandlung Basel (which transformed later into Münzen und Medaillen AG). Almost 40 years later the coin made it way back to auction through M&M AG where it was sold to Galerie des Monnaies later it ended up in a Spink London sale in 1977 where the Republican collector Leo Benz purchased it. Hubert Lanz put together a sale of Leo Benz coins after his death in 1998. This coin has almost a more impressive background than anything else!