Roman Republic. P. Crepusius. Rome, 82 BC

Roman Republic. P. Crepusius. Rome, 82 BC


AR Denarius, 4.12g (18mm, 5h). Laureate head of Apollo r.; behind, sceptre and control letter; before, control symbol, Rv. Horseman r., brandishing spear; behind, control numeral; in ex. P CREPVSI.

References: Crawford 361/1c. BMCRR 2673

Grade: Sharp strike and nicely centered. Surfaces have luster but are also slightly bright. Some minor wear on the face of reverse rider. aEF (rr1129c)

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The year this coin was struck was a turbulent time in Rome. In 82 BC Sulla defeated the Samnites at the Battle of the Colline Gate and subsequently marched into Rome as dictator. Sulla also was working closely with the young Gnaeus Pompeius (later known as Pompey the Great) who was ordered to stamp out rebels in Sicily and Africa. Julius Caesar served as Sulla’s subordinate in the East.

Aside from the turmoil surrounded the year this coin was struck, there is nothing otherwise known of the moneyer P. Crepusius.