Roman Republic. P.YPSAE. Rome, 60 BC

Roman Republic. P.YPSAE. Rome, 60 BC


AR Denarius, 3.93g (17mm, 3h). Bust of Leuconoe r., draped and with variously bejewelled hair; behind , dolphin; before P.YPSAE.S.C. downwards. Border of dots / Jupiter in quadriga l., holding reins in l. hand and hurling thunderbolt with r. hand; in exerguer C.YPSAE.COS with PRIV below; behind CEPIT upwards. Below horses, symbol of scorpion. Border of dots.

Pedigree: Ex Leo Benz Collection, Lanz, 23 Nov 1998, lot 570

References: Crawford 420/2d. FFC 1000 (this coin). BMCRR 3845

Grade: Lovely cabinet toning with overall slight wear. aEF (rr1134 )

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