P. Cornelius Sulla. Rome, 151 BC

P. Cornelius Sulla. Rome, 151 BC


AR Denarius, 3.47g (19mm, 11h). Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, X. Rev. Victory in prancing biga r.; below, P·SVLA and ROMA in partial tablet.

Pedigree: Ex NAC 84, 20/21 May 2015, lot 1637

References: Babelon Cornelia 1. Sydenham 386. Crawford 205/1

Grade: Old cabinet tone and good extremely fine  (rr1001)

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This coin is a rather early coin of the Roman Republic after the introduction of the denarius in c. 211 BC. The interesting historical aspect however is that the coin is struck by Publius Cornelius Sulla who is the grandfather of the infamous dictator Lucius Cornelius Sulla. In his own right, P. Cornelius Sulla served as praetor in 186 BC for the province of Sicily. His father, also Publius Cornelius Sulla was the first to bear the name Sulla. a