M. Iunius. Rome, 145 BC

M. Iunius. Rome, 145 BC


AR Denarius, 3.78g (18mm, 2h). Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, ass's head and below chin, X. Rev. The Dioscuri galloping r.; below, M·IVNI. In exergue, ROMA.

Pedigree: Ex NAC 73, 18 November 2013, lot 54. Privately purchased from Spink & Son in December 1969.

References: Babelon Junia 8. Sydenham 408. Crawford 220/1.

Grade: An enchanting old cabinet tone and EF  (rr1003)

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The earlier Republican denarii often show an image of Roma on the obverse and either a quadrige or some form of horse and rider on the reverse. What differentiates these interesting early types in many cases are the interesting symbols which can be found. In this case we see a delightful donkey behind the head of Roma.