Umbria, Tuder. Rome, c. 220-200 BC

Umbria, Tuder. Rome, c. 220-200 BC


AE Aes Grave Semis, 34.78g (32mm, 1h). Hound sleeping; crescent to left / Kithara; crescent to left.

References: Campana 11; ICC 223; HN Italy 46

Grade: Nice high relief with overall wear. Pleasant and lovely patina. VF  (rr1052)

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Tuder (Todi) is located in northern Italy in the province of Perugia. It was inhabited by the ancient Italian Umbri in the 8-7th century BC. Tuder remained independent until the Social War. They made three cast issues of coinage; the first was under the Umbrian weight standard. This coin was struck on a later standard that was Roman and was likely cast during the Second Punic War.