M. Aburius M.f. Geminus, Rome 132 BC

M. Aburius M.f. Geminus, Rome 132 BC


AR Denarius, 3.97g (19mm, 2h). Helmeted head of Roma right; mark of value below chin / Sol, holding reins and whip, driving quadriga right.

Pedigree: Ex Vico, 4 March 1992, lot 45

References: Crawford 250/1; Sydenham 487; Aburia 6; RBW 1027

Grade: A beautiful strike with iridescent toning. A touch of old dirt in crevices on reverse. EF (rr1070)

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The denarius was introduced c. 211 by the Roman Republic. The earliest moneyers were anonymous people and the imagery was almost always a head of Roma on the obverse with a quadriga on the reverse. This coin does have a moneyer attached to it, a M. Aburius M.f. Geminus. The typical nondescript charioteer is replaced however with the god Sol. Eventually moneyers started to routinely refer to themselves either metaphorically through the images they chose, as well as by name.