Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Viking (Danish Northumbria). Cnut. c. 900-905 AD

Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Viking (Danish Northumbria). Cnut. c. 900-905 AD


AR Penny, 1.27g (19.5mm, 10h). Class IId/Cunneti type. York mint. C N V T R E X ·:· arranged around central long cross pattée / + CVN ·:· NET ·:· TI ·:·, short cross pattée with pellets in first and fourth quarters.

Pedigree: From the Dr. Andrew Wayne Collection (Triton XX, 10-11 January 2017), lot 1509. Ex E. Breslauer Collection (Dix, Noonan, Webb, 17 September 1997), lot 118. Reportedly ex Duke of Argyll Collection

References: SCBI 29 (Merseyside), 253/250 (for obv./rev.); cf. BMC 921; North 499; SCBC 990

Grade:  Good VF, toned  (wc1012)

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Not much is known about Northumbrian leader Cnut. What has been learned is the result of a substantial hoard that was found in 1840 in Cuerdale, Lancashire in England. This hoard of over 8,000 coins were the first indication that there was a man named Cnut. Much of what the world knows about the Viking culture were from people that would be considered their enemies. The mythical character of a viking has been formed primarily from the 19th and 20th centuries.