England, Elizabeth I (Daughter of Henry VIII). 1558-1603 AD

England, Elizabeth I (Daughter of Henry VIII). 1558-1603 AD


Struck c. 1577-9 AD. Penny, 0.55g (15mm, 2h). M.m. cross crosslet, e d g rosa sine spina, crowned bust left / civi tas lon don, shield on long cross fourchée

Pedigree: C E Blunt August 1955. Ex Shirley-Fox bequest 1939

References: N 1988; S 2558

Grade:  Attractive toning. VF  (wc1008)

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This small penny is a thin piece of metal but the historical significance of the reign of Elizabeth I is monumental. Much is known about Elizabeth. She was the illegitimate daughter of Henry VIII. Her mother, Anne Boleyn, was made infamous when she was beheaded by her husband when Elizabeth was only three. Elizabeth was largely out of the limelight for most of her childhood. She was raised away from her father but according to writers of the period her father was good to her and her half siblings. Elizabeth was Protestant, like her mother Anne, and conversely her half sister Mary, a devout Roman Catholic. This created the first skism when Mary was on the throne following the death of Edward, their half brother, in 1553. Mary was determined to bring England back under the care of the Catholic faith. Of course Anne was not aligned with this thinking. Once Mary died in 1558, childless, Elizabeth became Queen for a long 45 year reign. At the beginning of her reign her role as queen was tenuous as many of the men that assisted her in government were eager to marry her to a suitor in order to have a successor to the Tudor throne. This was never to be. While she had many suitors none became her husband and no child was born to Elizabeth. When she died in 1603 thus closed the chapter on the Tudor line. James I, the son of Mary, Queen of Scots, became King of England and the Stuart line commenced.