Russia, Tsardom, until 1917. Alexander II, 1855-1881

Russia, Tsardom, until 1917. Alexander II, 1855-1881


AV 5 Roubles, 6.53g (22mm, 12h). Double eagle with crown above holding sceptre and crown / Denomination and year (1876)

References: St. Petersburg. Fr. 163

Grade: Lustrous surfaces with minor hairlines. VF (wc1058)

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Alexander II most notable accomplishment was freeing the serfs in 1861 for which he was later known as Alexander “the Liberator”. He was a man that worked towards positive reforms in the judicial and educational system in Russia. Another notable accomplishment was the sale of Alaska to the United States just after the Civil War in American in 1867. This strategic sale was done so he could avoid the British overtaking the area in the event of another war. This event is known in the U.S. as “Sewards Folly” as many in the U.S. saw the purchase as a waste of money and resources for the young nation. 

Alexander was assassinated in an elaborate plot in 1881. Two years later a Church was built on the site of his death. The church named Church of the Savior and Blood has become symbolic of Russia and is one of the oft images seen in Moscow.