Russia, Tsardom, until 1917. Nikolaus I, 1825-1855

Russia, Tsardom, until 1917. Nikolaus I, 1825-1855


AV 5 Roubles, 6.52g (22mm, 12h). Double eagle with crown above holding sceptre and crown / Denomination and year (1845)

References: St. Petersburg. Fr. 155

Grade: VF/EF (wc1059)

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Nikolaus I was the younger brother of Alexander I (1801-1825). When Alexander died of Typhus leaving no male heirs (his two daughter predeceased him), his brother Constantine was next in line to take the throne. Constantine abdicated the throne leaving it vacant for his brother Nikolaus who equally was not keen to rule. This event sparked the Decembrists revolution in which a group of people opposed to the coronation of Nikolaus I fought to hinder it. The Decembrists (so called because of the month that they instigated the revolt) were a group of army liberals that wanted political reform. Many compare the desires of the Decembrists to those of the American Revolutionists. The Declaration of Independence was found to be similar to the constitution put forth by Nikita Mikhailovich Muravyov on behalf of the group.

Nikolaus eventually did take the throne and had a successful marriage with male heirs that could follow after his reign was done.