Tudor. Henry VII. 1485-1509. Tower (London) mint

Tudor. Henry VII. 1485-1509. Tower (London) mint


AR Groat, 3.11g (21mm, 7h). Facing Bust issue, class IIa. hЄnRIC'· DI'· GRA'· RЄX · AnGL'· 7 · FRAnЄ (trefoil stops), crowned facing bust within double polylobe with fleurs at cusps; two arches in crown / · POSVI DЄVm · A DIVTOR Є'· mЄVm/ CIVI TAS LOnDOn (trefoil stops), long cross pattée; trefoils in quarters.

Pedigree: Ex Spink Numismatic Circular LXXXIX.3 (March 1981), no. 2179

References: SCBI 23 (Ashmolean) 189 (same dies); North 1704; SCBC 2195

Grade: Near EF, attractive cabinet tone. An exceptional example (wc1047)

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Henry VII was responsible for beginning the long 118 year reign of the Tudors. Following the Battle at Bosworth field on August 22, 1485, the War of the Roses was official over and Henry Tudor effectively became King of England by killing the last of the Plantagenet Kings, Richard III. It was not so much military prowess that provided Henry victory of Richard, rather it was because key nobleman to Richard deserted him in his time of need. Nevertheless, Henry became King and further strengthened the alliance by marrying the Elizabeth, the daughter of Edward IV, who was the brother of Richard III. Thus the two competing families of Lancaster and York became one.