France, Third Republic. c. 1870-1890's.

France, Third Republic. c. 1870-1890's.


AR Shooting Medal, 38.63g (42mm, 12h). Hallmarked ARGENT on edge, French Infantry Regiment as an award for shooting competition. Presented by the officers of the 91st infantry

Grade: A few dents on the edges, otherwise lustrous metal with pretty details and imagery. AU  (wc1016)

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The year 1870 was a pivotal year for the French. It was the time of the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. The French were the losing side in this war and it ultimately resulted in the reunification of the German states into the German Empire. The famous General Otto Von Bismarck remarked that if the Battle of Jena (with Napoleon at the helm) had not happened in 1806, where the Prussians were defeated that the monumental event at Versaille where Germany became unified, would never have occurred.

The 91st French Infantry Regiment was just one of those groups that fought in this historical conflict which resulted in the Germany as we now know it.