Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Joseph I. 1848-1916. Made in 1860

Austro-Hungarian Empire, Franz Joseph I. 1848-1916. Made in 1860


Tin Medal, 175.95g (74mm, 12h). To the real property of the Jews, i.e. the right to acquire land. A crowned female figure places a Hebrew written document on an altar (inscription reads "Din Echad LeAm Echad" (one law for one nation), on which there are tablets of the law; at the front of the altar a portrait medallion of the Emperor over the double eagle, to the right of the altar a boy with wreath and palm branch / The legal text with inscription in German – text of the decree published in February 1860,

References: Doneb Collection 3206 (E. Fiala, Beschreibung der Sammlung böhmishcer Münzen und Medaillen des Max Donebauer, Prague 1888)
Grade: Some hairline scratches and minor cleaning marks. (wc1041)

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Franz Joseph was born in 1848 to Archduke Franz Karl and Princess Sophie of Bavaria. He ruled the Austrian Empire and later the Austro-Hungarian Empire for 68 years. Emperor Franz Joseph was beloved by the Jewish people that lived in the territories under his rule. The impetus for this appreciation was the sanction of an official Jewish community in 1849 by Emperor Franz Joseph. Jews had been persecuted on numerous occasions in Europe. Franz Joseph was a pillar of hope for the people with his recognition of their rights as citizens and their treatment as equals under the law. This medal celebrates Franz Joseph’s edict that Jews had the inalienable right to acquire land.