Cilicia, Nagidos. c. 400-385/4 BC

Cilicia, Nagidos. c. 400-385/4 BC


AR Stater, 10.72g (23mm, 9h). Aphrodite seated left, holding patera and resting arm on the back of the chair; to right, Eros standing left, crowning her with wreath / NAΓIΔEΩ-N, Dionysos standing left, holding grape bunch on vine and thyrsos; to upper left, A in wreath

Pedigree: Privately purchased from de Clermont in London

References: Casabonne type 4; Lederer 26 (same dies); SNG France 21 var. (control marks); SNG Levante -. cf. SNG BN 21 (controls)

Grade: Slightly rough surfaces but great strike and all details present. Superb EF   (gk1080)

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Geographically Cilicia was located in modern day southeastern Turkey. In ancient times it served as the only route available to travel between Antalya and Syria. This coin was struck when Cilicia was under Persian rule, however, they were essentially semi-autonomous. Eventually Cilicia was conquered by Alexander the Great in 333 BC.More about this coin:

The city of Nagidos often had Aphrodite on its coinage suggesting that a sanctuary was located within the city. Additionally the grape cluster denotes the Nagidos mint.