Corinthia, Corinth. c. 345 - 307 BC

Corinthia, Corinth. c. 345 - 307 BC


AR Stater, 8.59g (18mm, 9h). Pegasus left, koppa symbol below / Helmeted head of Athena wearing Corinthian helmet with symbol of Artemis running l., holding torch with both hands.

References: Calciati 451; BMC 315, pl. XII, 25

Grade: Some lovely iridescent toning. Good VF  (gk1101)

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Corinth was a Greek superpower along with Athens and Sparta from around the 6th century until just prior to the striking of this coin. Unfortunately the warring Greeks were constantly switching alliances and essentially damaging the overall strength within the Greek world. Philip II of Macedon changed the Greek world through his power. Despite overtaking much of the Greek world, he also successfully brought the Greek city states together in 338 BC by forming the League of Corinth. Finally the Greek world was at peace and together as a group they fought the Persians under the hegemony of Philip II.