Gallia, Lemovices. c. 2nd - 1st century BC

Gallia, Lemovices. c. 2nd - 1st century BC


AR Quinarius, 2.18g (14mm, 7h). Helmeted head right with dot on chin / Horse right with with large head above; symbol below horse.

Pedigree: Ex Münzhandlung Basel 7 (1936), lot 254. Ex M&M Deutschland 38 (2013), lot 173

References: LT 4561. Delestrée-Tache III, 3414. Depeyrot III, 37 (this coin). Flesche coll. 171. Karl coll. (UBS 77)

Grade: Irregular and tight flan. Strike is sharp but due to tight flan some of the images are off. EF


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The Lemovices, were a Gallic tribe that were located in modern day Limoges and the area. In fact, the name Limoges is derived from the tribe. The Lemovices established themselves in France in around 700 BC. This coin was struck sometime in the 2nd-1st century BC. The Lemovices gained the most notoriety with their association to the famed warrior Vercingetorix. The Lemovices tribe were sent in 52 BC in a group of 10,000 men to support Vercingetorix in his battle against Julius Caesar. The leader of the tribe, Sedullos, was killed in this skirmish. This final battle between Caesar and the Gauls were considered Caesar’s best military achievement. It also ended the independence of the Gauls in France and Belgium.