Islands off Ionia, Samos. 412-404 BC

Islands off Ionia, Samos. 412-404 BC


AR Drachm, 4.22g (14mm, 2h). Forward facing lion scalp / Forepart of bull r., sprig below; above abbreviation of city name (ΣΑΜΙ).

Pedigree: Ex NFA IV, 1977, Lot 294. Ex NFA XVIII, 1987, Lot 197

References: Barron S. 201,2 (pl. XVII)

Grade: High relief with some minor porosity on lion and in fields on reverse. Rare denomination. EF


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This coin was struck during the later part of the Peloponnesian War. Samos, geographically located as an island off the coast of Asia Minor was in alliance with Athens during the conflict. They even went so far to provide their port to Athens as a sign of support. Their relationship with Athens was temperamental at best and at times they sided with the Spartans. In 411 BC Samos served as a temporary home to some of the Athenian statesman who led the War of Four Hundred, in which some of the Athenian elite attempted to return Athens to a oligarchy.