Augustus, 27 BC -14 AD. Lugdunum (Lyon) Mint, c. 15 BC

Augustus, 27 BC -14 AD. Lugdunum (Lyon) Mint, c. 15 BC


AR Denarius, 3.78g (19mm, 5h)AVGVSTVS DIVI • F, bare head right / IMP • X in exergue, bull butting right, left forefoot raised, lashing his tail.

References:  RIC 77a; Lyon 19; RSC 137; BMCRE 451-3; BN 1373-82

Grade: Beautiful iridescence and full beautiful strike. Legend on left not fully struck, otherwise vibrant Mint State  (re1033)

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When this coin was struck in 15 BC, it was only five years since the Rome mint was reopened. Along with Rome, another mint at Lugdunum (modern day Lyon, France) was widely used for striking coinage. Coins in gold and silver were actively struck as publicity for the Roman emperor. A youthful Augustus is pictured on the obverse of this coin. In 15 BC he was already married to his second wife Livia for 23 years (he divorced his second wife Scribonia, mother of his only child Julia, in 39 BC). Julia’s two young sons, Gaius and Lucius were still alive at the time and being primed to take over later from Augustus. He also was providing employment to his two stepsons, future emperor Tiberius and his brother Drusus. Both boys were sent on a military campaign and successfully extended the Roman empire from Italy to the upper Danube.