Tiberius caesar, Paduan Hybrid. c. 9-14 AD

Tiberius caesar, Paduan Hybrid. c. 9-14 AD


Æ Sesterius, 21.05g (37mm, 11h). Bare head of Tiberius l. Rev. Front elevation of the altar of Lugdunum

Pedigree: Ex NAC Auction 92, 24 May 2016, lot 2052

References: C 28. RIC Augustus 240

Grade: Extremely rare. Lightly brown patina, somewhat tooled; a hole plugged, otherwise very fine (re1092)

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This coin is indeed a very interesting “Paduan hybrid” with an obverse a die possibly attributable to Giovanni da Cavino, struck on a genuine Roman sestertius of the same issue. The reverse has a die link with an indisputably genuine Roman sestertius