Roman Republic. C. Antestia. Rome, 146 BC

Roman Republic. C. Antestia. Rome, 146 BC


AR Denarius, 3.87g (20mm, 11h). Helmeted head of Roma r.; behind, puppy walking upwards; before X. Border of dots / Dioscuri r.; below, C.AESTI; in exergue, ROMA. Line border.

Pedigree: Ex Leo Benz Collection, Lanz, 23 Nov 1998, lot 142

References: Crawford 219/1a. FFC 145 (this coin). BMCRR 855

Grade: Lovely symbol of puppy on behind head on obverse. Minor soft strike. Reverse has some small hairline scratches on top. Some traces of red toning. VF+ (rr1138)

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As is typical of most of the Republican series there is not much known about the moneyer Antestius Labeo. The puppy symbol on the obverse may be an allusion to the Catulus.