Ionia, Teos. c. 470/65-449 BC

Ionia, Teos. c. 470/65-449 BC


AR Stater, 11.94g (18mm). Griffin r. standing erect with foreleg raised. Owl symbol below. / Four part incuse.

Pedigree: Former Dutch private collection; MDC Monaco 2017 (3) lot 135

References: Balcer Group LI, (A100/P132)

Grade: Wear on the owl but otherwise a nice strike and good centering. Good VF+ (gk1218)

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Teos was engaged in commerce as early as the sixth century BC due to its flourishing sea port. It was part of the Pan-Ionian League, a group of twelve nations that joined together in the mid 7th century BC after the Meliac War (a war supposedly stemming from a virtually unknown city, Melite that went to war against the twelve nations on account of its arrogance). Teian merchants even helped to assist the Egyptian Pharaoh Amasis (569-525) in establishing a Greek colony and emporium at the city of Naukratis in the Nile Delta. This exemplified the greatness of their involvement in commerce. This all changed when the Persians invaded Ionia and Teos. Many of the Teians opted to move away from their home and settled in Abdera. This explains why the coinage of Abdera so resembles that of Teos with the griffin imagery. Many however stayed in Teos and continued to fight for their freedom against the Persians which finally came in 479 BC under the assistance of the Hellenic League. This coin was struck shortly after Teos gained her freedom.